Isaac McHale

Isaac McHale is the Chef Patron of The Clove Club.

Isaac’s seasonal tasting menus feature modern, elegant dishes that are rooted in technique but stripped back to their essential elements. Inspired by a lifetime of travels, reading and working in some of the best restaurants in the world, his cooking showcases the best of British seafood, wild game and exceptional meat and dairy, with organically grown vegetables and seaweeds.

Born in Orkney and growing up in Glasgow, Scotland, Isaac’s fascination for cooking was cultivated from a young age. One of his earliest food memories was getting pakora from one of the many local Indian restaurants aged seven as a treat. At the age of 14 he took up a Saturday job at the local fishmonger, where he learned about filleting fish and the wonders of Scottish shellfish.

He worked in restaurant kitchens across Glasgow from a young age, before travelling to gain experience at some of the best restaurants across the world. He spent time at Marque in Sydney, completed a stage at Rene Redzepi's iconic Noma and worked under Tom Aikens at his eponymous Michelin-starred restaurant on Elystan Street, finally joining Brett Graham's opening team at The Ledbury. Over six years, he played a part in the restaurant’s gaining first one then two Michelin Stars, rising to the role of Development Chef for the esteemed restaurant.

Eager to forge his own path forward, he gained plaudits cooking as part of the experimental Young Turks collective, eventually opening The Clove Club in Shoreditch Town Hall in 2013.

Isaac is an active part of the international chef community, and appears around the world regularly giving keynote speeches, cooking demonstrations and collaborating on special dinners and events.

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